We master data-platforms

Hieda combines open source technology and enterprise-grade services to deliver tailor-made data solutions.

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// Migration

Considering migrating towards an open source database solution, on premise or in the cloud? We have the skills you need to make sure everything goes smoothly.

// Support

When you need someone to call, either for support or to discuss your data strategy, our support contracts offer a flexible solution for companies of all sizes.

// Managed Service

Want a data-platform without all the hassle of having to worry everything keeps running smoothly? Put your database in our care and we take care of everything!

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Open source databases are ready for the big leagues.

Our decades of database experience has taught us one thing: that companies are overpaying for commercial database solutions out of the false belief they are getting a better product.

But open source databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and MariaDB are proof that open source projects can deliver on the highest standards in reliability and professionalism

Open source technologies are not only supported by enthousiastic individuals like us but also backed by large tech companies. This makes them the de-facto choice for modern enterprises.

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As they say, the greatest tools are useless without the craftsmen to wield them. Data-platforms are the core of your digital business, so they deserve first-class expertise to keep them running at peak efficiency.

That’s why our mission is to offer first rate expertise to deliver enterprise data solutions that are tailored to both large and growing businesses.

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