Database Reliability Engineer

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians, does that sound familiar?

Not at Hieda! We take a different approach to which you can contribute as an Open Source Database Realiability Engineer. Are you ready to join our team? Find out soon.

Why choose a job as Database Reliability Engineer at Hieda?

Why Hieda?

At Hieda we work hard, in a close-knit team with a common goal: provide a strong, professional service for the customer. We are able to achieve this by combining technical skills with the necessary fun. We like to make time for feedback, so you can grow along with your ambitions and those of Hieda.

We work in an open and informal atmosphere where entrepreneurship is encouraged. You willcombine your skills with those of your colleagues to meet the need for innovation and automation of our customers.

Why apply for this vacancy?

As an Open Source Database Reliability Engineer, you will work at the heart of the organisation. In other words: a job with impact!
The amount of data within companies increases, and so does the need for a reliable data platform. That is why a multi-platform approach - such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or MongoDB - is needed. We go for next-level automation to maintain the speed of innovation.

You will manage our customers' data environments: from consulting or initial setup or review to management and/or support, on-premise or in the cloud. Moreover, you will get the chance to grow into one of the best open source DBAs by taking courses, executing challenging projects, participating in conferences, etc.

// You will get...

As a Hieda database hero, you will receive - in addition to your salary - a car, fuel card, laptop, cell phone with subscription, hospitalisation and group insurance. At Monin, we provide a yearly training budget that you can manage yourself and we also get extra training, insights and opportunities from EDB, MariaDB & MongoDB. Not to mention the unforgettable events.

Working from home or flexitime is of course also possible, all necessary resources are provided for this.

Do you have new ideas or initiatives in terms of innovation? Then you will get the chance to develop them. This runs in our blood, as we are part of the Cronos Groep. There are plenty of opportunities to do what you really like. Who knows, maybe you will start your own company in the future?

// Your challenges...

First and foremost, you will help customers choose the right data platform and the right on-prem or public cloud strategy. But there is more:

  • You will install and configure the PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and/or MongoDB software.
  • You will create new databases or migrate existing databases
  • You will implement and maintain Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA)
  • You will perform the daily management of our customers' databases: backups, monitoring, capacity management ...
  • You will perform technology conversions, transferring data from one database technology to another (e.g. from Oracle to PostgreSQL).
  • You will take care of Database Security: reviews, encryption, data masking, auditing, ...
  • You will automate installation, configuration and maintenance tasks.
  • You will provide second and third line support to customers.
  • You are skilled in performance tuning and will roll out best practices.
  • You will perform preventive maintenance on site and implement the resulting recommendations: performance tuning, patch level management ...
  • You will always provide the necessary documentation and procedures(SOP).
  • You will work on new trends in the database field, as well as on further automation.
  • You would like to learn regularly about Open Source databases and obtain certifications.

// You...

...have a good knowledge of PostgreSQL, a basic knowledge of MySQL and/or MariaDB and knowledge of Linux.

In addition, these skills are a nice bonus

  • MongoDB and Oracle
  • Public Cloud knowledge:
    o Azure
    o Amazon
    o Google
  • DevOps: GitHub, CI/CD, ...
  • automation tools such as Ansible or Terraform
  • Containerisation (e.g. Kubernetes)
  • experience with the public cloud, such as Google, Azure or AWS
  • backup software
  • monitoring software
  • Experience with performance tuning
  • Scripting knowledge

Sounds like the perfect job for you?

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